18 Aug Sociologists provide food for all

Food has been at the top of the minds of the level 3 sociology class at Nayland College over the last six weeks. That, and how to best get it to those in need at school.

The class were given the brief to address an issue, influence a policy change or implement a policy. They decided on child poverty and hunger in New Zealand because of its relevance, both nationally and locally.

Responsibilities for the project were split among the class. As well as a leader and co-leader, students were involved in research, liaison, marketing and PR. This led to the concept of food baskets being supplied to tutor classes, and businesses and the school community were approached for food donations.

The response was pleasing with New World and Don Rodrigo’s contributing fruit and bakery items. Whenua Iti also came to the party by donating Zoodles and dried apples. The snack drive gathered additional food items, such as muesli bars, from donations from students and staff.

‘Nayland Food Baskets’ went live on Wednesday 16th August with deliveries of baskets to all tutor classes. Project leader Collette Haslam is very happy with the outcome. She has had a lot of positive responses from students of all year levels, as well as from teachers. “Once they (the students) overcame their awkwardness people went and helped themselves and got something to eat which is what we wanted,” project member Rebecca Werensteyn added.

The hope is that now it is set up, the project will be able to continue. “We’re working on an exit strategy so that when we step away from the project it will be self-running and sustainable,” sociology student Emma Nell explained. “The hope is that it would be continued next year and possibly extended into primary schools.”

While it wasn’t easy managing the team in the early stages, Collette says that it all came together and people really began to collaborate. “Once everyone was on the same page, it was amazing and everything started working really well… but it was difficult getting there!”

By Sera King