29 Oct Prizegiving

Parents/Caregivers, community and friends? of Nayland College are warmly invited to? join us in the Hall to celebrate this year’s? student achievements.


Service and Academic Awards

Tuesday 4 November, 9.50 am

  • Recognition of academic? achievement and service to the? school and community


Senior Prizegiving

Thursday 6 November, 1.00 pm

  • Recognition of outstanding? academic achievement and the? presentation of major honours? including the 2014 Palmer, Dux and? Citizenship Awards
  • Guest Speaker: Nikki Bloomfield, ? former? student and lawyer
  • School will close at 12 noon for? Junior students on this day
  • Buses will run at the normal time


Junior Prizegiving

Friday 5 December, 9.30 am

  • Guest Speaker will be the 2014? Nayland College Palmer Award? winner
  • Junior students will be dismissed? for the year at the conclusion of the? ceremony
  • Buses will run at the normal time