12 Jun Need an easy way to keep up to date with your child’s assessments and events?

EASYWAYS is a text communication system connecting teachers to students and parents.

Teachers send reminders for assessments/events for their classes which are sent by text to the relevant students and parents. The assessments/events are also generated on anonline calendar which can be accessed by students and parents.

To subscribe to Easyways text notifications, text your student ID number to 0223070501.

Parents can do this with their child’s ID number on their phone, more than one child can be entered on one phone.

To view your assessments and other notifications on the calendar, go to nayland.easyways.school.nz then click Scheduler setup add student and enter your student ID.

Easyways is developed and run by Level 3 Business Studies students at Nayland College.

By Nayland College