02 Nov Nayland teams tackle e-velocity challenge

After four months of planning and building two Nayland teams competed in the e-Velocity Challenge for student built electric vehicles, held at Trafalgar Park last Thursday. Teams put their vehicles through tests of manouevreability, speed and endurance.

Unfortunately the scrutineer wouldn’t let the electric shopping trolley race due to safety concerns. To be fair it did tip over during safety testing! The electric bike placed in the middle of the field, performing well in the drag race (top speed of 26 Km/hr) and the endurance race (8 laps around Trafalgar park).

Engines for the vehicles were supplied by the competition organisers and wheels were donated by Nelson’s Pro Karts. Team member Ruben Castaing is already looking forward to next year’s competition. “It’s a great opportunity if you like making things, and putting them to the test.”