03 May Nayland teams race the clock in 48 Hour Film Competition

Last weekend Nayland College was the setting for two student-written, directed and acted films, produced as part of the 48 Hour Film Competition. 18 students from Year 9-13 put their skills to the test against a tight deadline in NZ’s most popular short film challenge.


The 48 Hours Film Competition is open to amateur and professional film-makers, and 2015 was the 13th edition of the annual event. On Friday night teams were given a randomly-assigned film genre, character, line of dialogue and prop, and had to write, shoot and edit their short film to meet the 7pm Sunday deadline.


This year, the Nayland College teams were assigned the line “oh really?”, the prop “bread”, the character “Harper Harrison” and the mystery film genre. The random ingredients added to the fun of the film process, but they were only part of the challenge. For senior competitor Elaine Ang, the biggest challenge in the competition was the time limit. “It compounds all of the other things we’ve got to do to make our film,” she explained.

For the juniors, the biggest obstacle was getting agreement on film elements. “We had a few arguments over the weekend, but things all worked out in the end,” said Ruben Roberts.

Judging takes place over the next few weeks, and the competitors’ films will be? screened at school later this term.