01 Nov Nayland students celebrate Chilean exchange link

Nayland’s senior Spanish classes have enjoyed some very practical language experience over the past few years due to an ongoing exchange programme with a school in Chile. Kara Hamilton, Jessica Smith, Will McEwan and Emily Haworth all spent three months at Farmlands school in 2014 and Olivia Morrison attended this year. Next year, Cameron Aitken and Neve Riley will study at Farmlands and be hosted by families there.

Of course, the exchange goes both ways: Carlo Campodonico and Marianne Dunker are currently attending Nayland College and are hosted by students from the Spanish language programme. Will McEwan, a 2014 traveller, says the benefits of such a close exchange are huge. “Studying at Farmlands in Chile, and then having some of those same students attend Nayland, is a real opportunity to make life-long friends.”

As well as improving their Spanish language skills, participants can travel in Chile. They describe the experience of life half a world away from New Zealand as “eye opening.” The environment, the people and the culture all contribute to a richer experience than simply attending classes.

Anyone interested in an exchange or in studying Spanish should see Judi Boyd, HOF Languages.