27 Nov Nayland staff secure NCEA standards for Psychology

IMG_8519Nayland College teachers Gaye Bloomfield and Hannah Cameron, key members of the New Zealand Association of Psychology Teachers (NZAPT), have spearheaded a successful campaign to develop NCEA Achievement Standards for Psychology at Level One, Two and Three.

Psychology has been available as a Nayland College course for over 20 years and is offered by many other schools in New Zealand. However until now, achievement in secondary courses has not previously been recognised as suitable for University Entrance.The NZAPT proposal, approved by the Ministry of Education in early November, outlines the creation of a new set of Achievement Standards for Psychology to replace the current Unit Standards.

NZAPT welcomes the decision. “Students around the country have been waiting for many years to have the same recognition for their work in Psychology as they do for other subjects,” explains NZAPT chairperson Gaye Bloomfield. The move to Achievement Standards will allow Psychology to be considered as a subject for University Entrance qualifications at Level Three, strengthening the pathway to study at tertiary level.

“Many schools have been waiting to offer courses in Psychology, and we believe this decision will encourage schools around New Zealand take up the opportunity,” explains NZAPT member Hannah Cameron, Psychology teacher at Nayland College. “Psychology is a hugely engaging subject and in schools where it is taught it assists students to succeed by improving both retention and high achievement.”

Development of the standards will begin in 2016 and they will be available for students in 2017. It is expected that NZAPT will work with curriculum advisors from the Ministry to draft and trial the new standards.