30 Mar Nayland Drama Company descend into madness at Sheilah Winn Shakespeare

Fynn Sawyer reflects on Nayland College's success at the Sheilah Winn Shakespeare Festival.

On Saturday the Nayland College Drama Company represented the school at? the annual Sheila Winn Shakespeare Festival at Waimea College. Nayland won the award for best expression of a team with a 15 minute piece, directed by Keran Brady, which had been in development since the beginning of Term One.


The Company’s chosen scene from? Hamlet portrayed the difficulties Ophelia faced after the death of her father? and the events leading up to her death. The haunting performance had the? audience on the edge of their seats the whole time and offered an insight into? the inner turmoil faced by Ophelia and her descent into madness.

All the students? who took part thoroughly enjoyed it and said they would definitely do it again.