19 Feb Nayland College Status Information

Dear parents and caregivers,

Following on from my earlier email we have now made the decision to close school at 12:30pm tomorrow, Tuesday 20 February. This is following the latest update from Civil Defence and the Ministry of Education to ensure student and staff safety. 

If you feel that you are unable to arrange pick up for your child it may be best to keep them at home (please inform the school in the usual manner). Staff will need to leave the school grounds to ensure their own safety in travelling home, therefore we cannot have students at school after 12:30pm.

Bus services will depart the school at 12:35pm, however please note bus services to and from Richmond-Motueka will not be running. As busses cannot travel in high winds my advice would be to arrange alternative transport.

Please follow updates from Civil Defence for more information: http://www.nelsontasmancivildefence.co.nz/news/severe-impacts-expected-for-nelson-tasman/

We apologise for the inconvenience this may cause, but student and staff safety is paramount in our thoughts.

If the situation changes we will inform you as per my previous email.

Kind regards

Daniel Wilson

By Daniel Wilson – Principal