16 Feb Nayland College institute of Sport (NCIS)

‘Ehara taku toa I te toa takitahi, engari he toa takatini’. Combined efforts of many are needed to complete a project. The Nayland College Institute of Sport (NCIS).

The inaugural NCIS class have made an outstanding start to the year. Over the last three weeks they have been involved in fitness activities, invasion games, and beach sprints and flags at Tahunanui beach. Over half of the class have added to the beach session through cycling as a group to and from the beach sessions.

The emphasis this term is on goal setting and limitless potential, functional fitness, developing strategies through invasion games and decision making and skill development through the beach flag activities.

On Thursday evening parents and students from the NCIS and NCIS Development classes attended a presentation on injury prevention and the ‘How’ and ‘Why’ of the NCIS programme.

Dawn Chalmers (Active Body Centre) presented on ‘How to Better at Sport’ through staying injury free and Jane Townsend (Deputy Principal) presented on the research and theory behind the design of the NCIS programme.

A link to the presentation can be found below: Institute of Sport Presentation 15 Feb 2018 or download the PDF version below.

 Jane Townsend – Deputy Principal

By Jane Townsend – Deputy Principal


Institute of Sport Evening Presentation 15 Feb 2018   PDF, 2.2 MB