25 Sep Nayland College Institute of Sport (NCIS) Testing Day Identifies Emerging Talent

Fifty Year 8 students from Broadgreen Intermediate, Nelson Intermediate, Nelson Christian Academy and Waimea Intermediate trialed for the inaugural Nayland College Institute of Sport Class on Wednesday.

The Year 8’s were put through a battery of Fitness tests including the Beep Test, Seated Basketball Throw, Vertical jump and a 20 metre sprint. We were also fortunate to have a team from NMIT running the Vertical Jump through a power plate, and the electronic timing gates for the sprint test.

The students also played Invasion Games to test their skills utilising space, their offensive and defensive skills, and identifying those who encourage and include others.

Every student performed at their very best and there were some outstanding individual performances. All staff involved in the testing were impressed with the efforts, attitude and performance of our future Nayland College students.

The class has been selected and it looks to be a class of future sporting superstars.

By Jane Townsend – Deputy Principal