01 May Nayland College Hosts Model UN Conference

Fynn Sawyer reports from the Model UN Conference, Friday 24th April at Nayland.

Last Friday Nayland College had the pleasure of hosting the Nelson-Marlborough Model United Nations Conference, an annual event aimed at socially-aware secondary students with a global focus.

The event gave students the opportunity to learn more about the United Nations through hands on discussions and negotiations. Each participating student, from secondary schools around the region, was assigned? a country. During the conference proceedings they represented that country’s views on three resolutions, based on real life issues the world is? currently facing.


The conference organizers spoke of the opportunities offered through this event, explaining? that the Model UN? widened their horizons and opened doors for them throughout life. Most learning is experienced outside the classroom and there was a lot to be learned at the Model U.N. Participating student Fynn Sawyer? thoroughly? enjoyed the event. “It opened? my eyes to how the U.N works and I would recommended it to other? students,” he explained. “I’d definitely do it again.”