10 Mar Nayland College graduate earns Ph.D. scholarship to Cambridge University

Jesse Allardice, 2010 Palmer Award winner and graduate of Nayland College, has been awarded a full Ph.D. scholarship to Cambridge University from the Cambridge Trust.

Having recently completed a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Physics at Victoria University of Wellington, Jesse is well prepared to undertake research with the Optoelectronics Group at Cambridge. His research will involve using spectroscopy to understand solar cells, a topic that will allow him to use physics to contribute toward sustainable energy generation.


At Nayland College, Jesse pursued accelerate studies in mathematics and physics, completing distance papers through the University of Canterbury in his final year. He also maintained a strong commitment to visual art, continuing his studies in painting through to Y13. Hamish McLellan, Head of Science at Nayland College, praised Jesse for choosing a diverse range of courses whilst preparing solidly for future study, both decisions that are valued highly at Nayland College.

Jesse acknowledged the supportive group of friends he gained at Nayland College, many of whom also moved on to Victoria University of Wellington. He said this strong social support set him up well for university study.

John Walker, Head of Maths at Nayland College, commended Jesse on his award and wished him well for his studies. Jesse begins his research late in 2015.