18 Aug Maximum cum laude honours for Latin linguist

Year 13 Nayland College student Kacey Hutchison’s was awarded a silver medal in the Latin II division of the American Latin exam earlier this year.

This is an impressive achievement, as students from all around the world entered.  What makes it perhaps even more impressive, is that Kacey studied the language by correspondence and had to be entirely self-managing.

It helps that Kacey has a wider enthusiasm  for and interest in languages .  She has taken French through to year 13 and is currently working on picking up some Arabic. This fits into her future vision of working in the field of archaeology, preferably somewhere like Egypt.

Kacey’s clear on the benefits of language learning.   “You learn more about the culture as well so you develop an understanding and an appreciation of their culture and the way they do things.  Also, it always looks good to be able to say ‘ha ha, I speak another language, hire me’, ” the outgoing student said.  “And if you do ever go over there, it would be nice to at least attempt to speak their language.  I think people do appreciate when you actually put in the effort to speak their language, rather than just assuming you can speak your own. 

By Sera King