23 Jun Maths plus road trip adds up

Eight of Nayland’s top year nine students were given a unique opportunity on May 20th. They were invited to go to Christchurch with their teacher, Mrs. Adair, to do some maths! Ever wondered how a mathematician thinks about and solves problems? What does doing maths look like? Our students got the chance to experience this in action.

We drove to Christchurch Thursday after school and the students were buzzing. Possibly because they had an action packed trip planned. More likely they couldn’t wait to get cracking at some maths! Friday morning at the YHA featured eight teenagers in the communal kitchen making pancakes and bacon! It didn’t take much maths to discover that making one pancake at a time for ten people wasn’t going to cut it. The students enjoyed a day at the Antarctic Centre, had lunch at the Restart Mall and finished at the Museum for a few hours.

That evening we donned uniforms, armed ourselves with calculators and rulers, and headed to Hagley Community College. It was packed with about 80 other Year 9 and 10 students, all EXCITED to do some maths. Our students worked in groups on challenging problems and learned how to take their problem solving to a new level. It was quite exciting to be around so many like-minded students all working on interesting problems just for the sake of learning.

Asked if they would do it again, the answer was a resounding YES!




Students who attended were: Lily Harvey, Celia Allen, Maya Jayasena, Sophie Armstrong, Ben Heffter, Zao Martin-Noble, Quaid Parkins and Lewis Watson.