The Nayland College Mathematics department is a group of enthusiastic and professional teachers. The department successfully supports students in their learning, from basic maths skills for everyday life through to preparing students for university and scholarship.

More able students may be extended or accelerated to enable them to access a wider range of options in the senior school, including scholarship and studying university mathematics papers. Dedicated staff also provide free extra tutorial help outside of school hours where students can go for one-to-one help. This includes mentoring students from Broadgreen Intermediate.


The Maths Website is designed, developed and maintained by Max Riley. He has won the Ernest Duncan Award, issued by the New Zealand Association of Mathematics Teachers in 2009 and in 2013. His outstanding contribution to the in-class teaching of mathematics is something we are very proud of.


Students succeed in Maths:

  • Regional, national & international maths competitions
  • Over 90% numeracy
  • Regular scholarship successes in Calculus and Statistics
  • National award winning Mathematics website
  • The great Nayland pi-off


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