Speaking an international language is an important skill for communicating in today’s global economy.


New Zealand depends largely on tourism and exports and having another language, combined with some understanding of the cultural world that goes with that language can help open doors in life after school.


Learning another language has also been proven to improve overall memory and recall – which certainly helps in other subject areas.


Spanish and Chinese (Mandarin) are offered from year 9 and students gradually develop confidence in speaking and understanding so that by year 13 they can debate social issues or discuss their opinions of a movie. Along the way they learn about the food, traditions, festivals, lifestyle, music and culture of the countries that speak the language that they study.


As part of their learning journey they might go an exchange to Chile or spend some time in China. We have established school-to-school relationships in both these countries allowing students the chance to connect with real speakers of the language they have chosen to study.


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