English for Speakers of Other Languages

English is the language which enables intercultural communication in the world today

Students enrolling in the international programme at Nayland college have the opportunity to participate in our well-established and unique English language courses. We offer a range of classes which cater to the particular needs of our international students. Our programmes progress students through the ELLP (English Language Learning Progression) levels.


The intensive Foundation programme caters for beginning English language learners and covers basic oral and written communication skills to enable them to operate in an English speaking environment.


As well as the ESOL courses, two levels of international English classes prepare intermediate level English language learners for our mainstream English courses.


The opportunity to study and sit Cambridge English examinations is provided for students who wish to obtain this internationally recognised English language qualification.


To find out more contact: Heidrun Berl (heidrun.berl@nayland.school.nz)