29 Nov Junior school soars to success

The final SOAR assembly was held for year 9s and 10s on Friday the 25th November.  The SOAR acronym reflects Nayland College’s core values of Success, Opportunity, Ako (learning) and Respect.  The focus value throughout the school for term 4 has been Success.

Students and teachers crowded into the blue gym for a lively presentation of prizes by student leaders.  Any student who had earned a Success reward voucher was entered into a draw, with the lucky winners coming up to receive a range of prizes such as caps, drink bottles, chocolate or vouchers.  

Jack Roberts (year 9) and Cameron O’Connell (year 10) had extra luck.  Following popular tradition, they got to decide which student leaders received a face-full of whipped cream.  2016 student leader Taylah Kirker and 2017 student leader Sam Seelen were the lucky recipients.

Overall SOAR award winners for 2016 were also announced.  These were: Elise Reid and Leanna Hopwood (3rd equal), Jack Roberts (2nd) and Phillip Kinzett (1st), all pictured above from left.   Congratulations to these students, as well as all students who were recognised for living out Nayland values.