14 Feb House Day 2018

House Day is one of the biggest events on Nayland’s house calendar and House Day 2018 was no exception. The event is a riot of colour and noise, and a chance for house members to have fun and get to know each other better.

Looking back at the day, here’s what the four house leaders had to say:

“What a great day! It started off slowly and then Pegasus showed how much it was a house with heart. I admired the students who were willing to rise to the challenge that each event presented, and the students who were on the sideline cheering them on. There was certainly something for everyone in the house events. To top it all off, Pegasus won the tug of war! A good sign of things to come for Pegasus house. We too may rise from the ashes!”

Dixie McDonald, Pegasus House Leader

“I loved watching and working with all the students during the activities, Aquila rose to the occasion! But next time can someone stop me from doing a rap during the chant!!?? Please delete all video footage.”

Brennan Geddes, Aquila House Leader

“Thank you Draco for all your participation and hard work on House Day. Fantastic use of strategies and team work especially in the pool event.”

Amelia Turner, Draco House Leader

“I just love how we all come together and have so much fun, it is awesome seeing the creativity of the costumes and the RED everywhere, just makes me buzz. My highlight of the day was at the pool watching everyones’ intensity on the obstacle course and of course getting ‘wet’.”

Jolene Cotton, Phoenix House Leader

By Nayland College