10 Nov Good start for the young Ki-O-Rahi team

Earlier this week Nayland College had a team competing in the first ever Tasman Secondary School Junior Ki-O-Rahi Tournament. 

The young year 9 team was made up of four females and six males and had a very successful outing, placing 3rd in the mixed division. The team won two games and lost two games.  Nayland College had the only full year 9 team competing in the tournament and they competed predominantly against year 10’s. 

In a sport that is growing in the region the team will look to do well in next years competition having gained much experience this year. 

All the of the females had a tiring day as four females had to be present on the field at all times. This meant that the four girls had to play every second of every game. The entire team were outstanding and improved significantly over the course of the day. 

Mia Troy had a stand-out day, as her speed proved to be essential. Brodie Seelen made some crucial touchdowns and Ethan Musika lead the team well. 

A great day had by all the players and management. 

By Dayna Whiting – Sports Director