The Nayland College Gateway programme opens a new pathway from school to the world of work. It is available to senior students (Year 12-13) and delivers hands-on practical learning that leads to nationally recognised qualifications.

Students can take Gateway as a subject which includes a one-day per week work placement with an employer of their choice, completing Industry Training Organisation (ITO) assessment and completing class-based employment preparation topics. Otherwise students can complete a Gateway placement in addition to their normal subject load. This option includes a minimum of 10 regular work placements with an employer of their choice (timetabled outside of class time) and completion of ITO industry assessment in their own study time.


Gateway benefits employers by allowing them to trial potential workers for holiday work, part or full-time work, or apprenticeships. It also supports students transitioning from school to the workforce. The main advantage for students is the opportunity to try different occupations, develop their employment skills and gain assessment towards a qualification or an apprenticeship.

Nayland College is one of the larger Gateway Schools in the Nelson Tasman region. It is wonderful to have such great support from our Nelson wide businesses.

For more information contact:  Gateway Administrator Moira Raumati (

Or the Gateway Teacher, Alana Wall (