Derived Grade Exams will be held for senior students from Wednesday 12 to Tuesday 18 September 2018. Normal senior classes will not operate on these days.

Year 9 and 10 classes will not be affected.

These exams are critical as they provide us with specific evidence of achievement against the external standard if we need to predict a result due to unforeseen circumstances. This includes if exams are affected by natural events, as they were in 2016 when over 200 students at Nayland College were unable to sit NCEA exams the day after the Kaikoura earthquake

The purpose of this time is, among other things, to:

  • Get students focused on the upcoming NCEA exams
  • Provide a “derived grade” should the student be absent or their performance impaired for the NCEA exam
  • Provide a milestone and feed forward for the student
  • Give students realistic preparation for the experience of sitting external exams. Evidence shows that achievement in Derived Grade exams reflects achievement in NCEA external exams.

The week will also:

  • Provide a meaningful, focused time for students to work with teacher assistance on practical subjects

Provide time for students to complete assignments, portfolios, etc.

For subjects without exams, students may be expected to attend a practical or tutorial, work on assignments or portfolios, or complete course-related work under supervision. This information is included within the exam timetable.

Students have all been sent an electronic copy of the exam timetable. They should discuss this with any subject teachers if there is a clash.


NZQA fees were due on 24th August. this date gives us time to organise the money and send it to NZQA by our deadline. After this point we cannot collect any payments and they all need to paid to NZQA directly, with the appropriate paperwork, and a $50 late fee is it is after December 1.

If you have not yet paid, please pay urgently. If you are eligible for financial assistance, as you have a community service card, benefit income or income that qualifies you for a CSC, please let the Business Centre know when you come to pay. With financial assistance fees are $20 per individual or $30 for a family.