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Application Forms

Get started today! Application information and forms are listed below. For any further enquirers please send an email to and we can send you additional information. Applications are processed within 3-4 weeks and you will be notified of acceptance.


Click here to download the “Nayland College International Enrolment Form 2019/2020


or click here to apply online   


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Orientation for new international students starting term 1 2019 is Monday 28 and Tuesday 29 January


Click here to download the “Nayland College International Application Procedure and Fees Page 2019

Click here to download the “Nayland College International Application Procedure and Fees Page 2020


Click here to download the “Nayland College School Rules and Conditions of Enrolment for International Students”



International Refund Policy

International Fee Protection Policy




It is a compulsory for students to have full insurance cover and you will need to provide us with a copy of your policy and evidence of its validity, in English, if you are providing your own cover.


Nayland College holds a Master Policy with Uni-Care International and we recommend that you allow us to arrange suitable cover under this policy.

Depending on the length of stay in New Zealand, the cost will range from NZ$181.36 for 3 months – NZ$557.60 for 12 months. Students who have a different insurance scheme must have a fee protection cover.


Complete the enrolment forms and return to Nayland College.


  • Application for enrolment
  • Application for homestay
  • Application for travel and medical insurance


Provide a recent school report, a letter in English introducing yourself, written by you without assistance, and any other relevant certificates, national examination results, and character references.


If your application is successful you will receive by letter and invoice for fees and a provisional “offer of place” form

Apply for your Student Visa from your nearest New Zealand Embassy or High Commission. When we have received your fees, you will be forwarded the following information.


  • A receipt for fees
  • A “Letter of Acceptance”
  • An “Offer of Place”
  • A guarantee of accommodation


Be sure to inform the college of your arrival dates. Students should arrive in New Zealand before school opens and leave for their home country at the completion of their course.