At Nayland College there are many opportunities to get involved in sports, clubs and groups. Extracurricular activities are vitally important for students’ development and we actively encourage full participation.


Sport is encouraged at Nayland college, from participation at social level right up to high- performance national level. We have a wide range of sports on offer, catering for a diverse range of interests.
More information is available on the sports page or make contact the Director of Sport Dayna Whiting (

Music and Performance Arts

The performing arts are a strength of Nayland College. We have a long history of school productions, performance, drama, music, and theatre. More information is available on dance, drama, music and production pages.
To find out more contact: Performance Arts Coordinator Sarah Luton (

Some of the other clubs and groups available:

Brain Bee

This is a worldwide competition open to Year 11 students. Round 1 of the competition is an online test conducted in March. Qualifying students attend the South Island competition Round 2 in July. The winner of this attends the all-expenses-paid Australian Brain Bee and tries to win a place at the World Brain Bee.


To find out more contact Gaye Bloomfield (


Discover the wonderful world of chess. Opportunities to play socially and competitively and to learn strategies. Play the most popular board game ever.


To find out more contact Andrea Adair (

Christian Group

The Christian Group provides an opportunity for students to meet in a faith environment for encouragement and growth. There are strong connections with many of the local Youth Groups. The group meets once a week at lunch times. It is led by year 13 students who organise the programme, the meetings and any guest speakers.

Concert Band

Beginner to advanced players are all welcome. The Concert Band is all about helping and facilitating the beginning player to feel more confident in an ensemble setting. It reinforces skills taught during instrumental lessons and more advanced players are able to offer support and advice to their peers in a friendly and positive environment. The music is fun to play and challenging parts are available for the more advanced player.

Cottage Contacts

Year 13 students have the opportunity to apply to be a Cottage Contact. Members of this group are placed in year 9 classes, help promote events in the school and assist with mediations.


To find out more contact Andrea on (03)547 9769 ext 850 or Linda McDougall (

Dance Company

Nayland College has an inclusive dance company for all students which includes a variety of dance styles.  The group meet regularly after school to create items for upcoming performance evenings, including a special item for the Vast Dance Festival held at the Theatre Royal. Students do not need to be taking dance to be a part of Nayland Dance Company

Debating & Public Speaking

Debating is pure competition – a ‘battle of wits’ with nothing but a few team mates to help you. Stand up and argue your case on anything from the merits of cross-dressing to the rights of nations to possess nuclear weapons. Nayland has a proud tradition of producing strong debaters – many times winners of the regional trophy and with an active and welcoming club that meets weekly. Anyone interested in being better at speaking in front of small or large groups will benefit from this group.

The Edge Interns

Each year two senior students are selected as interns with The Edge radio station.


To find out more contact: Trevor Olley (

Form Class Representatives

Each form class elects a student to represent them and take the views of the form class to the student forum. A meeting is held between the form class representatives from each house group once a fortnight. The chair for these forums is one of the student leaders. The forum is a way for students to give their opinions and ideas about Nayland College.


To find out more contact: Trevor Olley (

Forty Hour Famine

Each year a student committee is formed to run this event. It involves a training event in Christchurch in March and then running the Famine event itself in May. Students can be involved in organising and/or participating in the 40 hour Famine.


To find out more contact: Mary Greenland (


By the students, for the students. There are 80 leadership opportunities available. Half to juniors and half to seniors. Each House has 4 House Leaders and 14 House Captains, including culture, service, sports, arts, environment, social justice, and international. More information is available about Aquila, Draco, Pegasus & Phoenix leadership opportunities on the Nayland Houses Website and the Houses page.

Jazz Band

Jazz Band has a maximum of 9 members and plays a range of standard jazz tunes from past to present. Students are given the opportunity to learn to improvise and this serves as a great platform for future pathways. The Jazz Band is given many opportunities to perform in the public eye and are also entered into a number of high-profile competitions throughout the year. All intermediate to advanced players are welcome to audition to be part of this fantastic ensemble.

Musical Productions

Nayland College is renowned for the quality of its productions. Every alternate year a major show is put on. It provides an opportunity for a large number of students to excel in gaining a leading role, to sing in a chorus, to dance, work backstage and develop their skills with a chance for a lead role in later years.


Model United Nations

Nayland College is part of the Canterbury region of the UNYOUTH. In term one of each year there is an event held for students of all colleges where they can be selected to represent a country as part of the model UN. This day-long event replicates the structure and format of the United Nations. It is ideal for those students interested in politics and/or social justice and/or languages.


N.A.G.S. (Nayland Alliance)

We are a social and support group for gay and gay-friendly students in the school. NAGS meetings are an informal environment where you can be yourself and feel included and accepted no matter what. Everyone is welcome so come along and meet us.

N.E.S.T. (Environmental Sustainability)

This group meets (often at lunchtime) to discuss and put into action ways that Nayland College can reduce its ecological footprint. The group is made up of students from all levels and is open door (come along whenever you want). Past projects have included the introduction of recycling schemes, energy reduction, carbon footprint awareness, riparian planting etc. The group also provides students with opportunities to join national environmental initiatives, be recognised for environmental award schemes and develop leadership skills.

New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL)

We are a varied group of students with a common interest in communicating through New Zealand Sign Language. This group meets once a week during interval or lunch to practise vocabulary and conversation skills.
NZSL is one of New Zealand’s three national languages. Learning NZSL gives hearing people insight into the Deaf community. In turn, this allows Deaf people to communicate with hearing people more easily. Thus, our society becomes more inclusive.
As more New Zealanders learn NZSL, one of our country’s official languages, a distinct Aotearoa New Zealand identity is built.
Learn NZSL! Use NZSL! Enjoy NZSL!


To find out more contact: Andrea Adair (


Every year we encourage groups to enter the regional festival with great success. The whole of Shakespeare’s canon is open for interpretation and students are given the freedom to stylistically choose their own creative slant. We encourage senior students to mentor and direct groups and the festival itself is an excellent opportunity to hone a variety of stagecraft skills from acting through to set design and costuming.


Theatre Sports

This is a place where students experience the joy and freedom of improvising in a controlled setting. Good theatre sports rely on a supportive and cooperative spirit which is the focus for this group. This allows for free and inspired performances among our talented actors.


Kapa Haka

Te Whaioranga is an opportunity to experience ngaa ahuatanga Maori in school. The roopu meets regularly  and is run under the kaupapa of Te Reo me ona Tikanga. This includes supporting the Principal for Powhiri. There are opportunities to participate and/or compete in Kapa Haka activities outside of school as they arise. The roopu meets during school hours and, as necessary, after school if an event is coming up.

String ensemble

String ensemble offers a chance for all students learning a string instrument to play together. Beginners and advanced players are encouraged to join. There are a number of public performances during the year.

Chamber Groups

These groups are made up of different instrument combinations. Students experience the fun and challenge of performing in a small group while  extending their own musicality.  Students also have the opportunity to participate in the NZ Chamber Music Competition.


Choir is for all vocalists to come together and enjoy singing with other students. They perform a range of music and participate in numerous concerts throughout the year.

Saxophone Ensemble

This ensemble is made up of students learning the saxophone. It is a small group that works towards participating in the NZ Chamber Competition. There are also numerous performance opportunities throughout the year.

Nayland Drama Company

Nayland College has two student-led drama companies (junior and senior) who devise and perform their own works at performance evenings throughout the year.  These groups meet regularly after school to work on upcoming items, you do not have to take drama to be involved.  Some students also go on to complete their Trinity Drama exams through the Drama Company.

Dsylexia Interest Group

In this group you will learn tips and tricks to survive and thrive at school. Come and discover how you like to learn, unpack your strengths and learn strategies to help with your weaker area. You can mentor, be mentored or just enjoy hanging out with like-minded people. We meet each fortnight on a Tuesday at lunch time in Hospitality 1.