25 May Check Mate

Click…Click…Click…That is the sound of chess and one that is well known now here at Nayland.

On Wednesday May 25th we once again hosted one of two Chess Power interschool tournaments in the Nelson region. There were seven schools represented including intermediate and college kids, with a total of 56 players competing. Players were able to compete in 6 games through the day to test their skills and enjoy the comradery of different opponents.

The competition has been held over the past five years in the region and Nayland College has been an integral part of its growth and success with the National tournament being held in Nelson in 2014 due to the regions amazing response and interest in the game.

This year was as exciting as ever! We had 13 Nayland students participate from year 9 through year 13. Tane Turner, who was determined to win the tournament tied for first place resulting in a 2nd place at the tournament due to previous rankings. Our Nayland A team (Tane Turner, Felix Chrysostomou-Koed, Daniel Kirby, Ben Kirby) came in 3rd overall.

We are incredibly lucky this year to have Dan Dolejs helping to tutor students and challenge their learning. Dan plays one on one with the students as well as teaching them about different aspects of the game.


Our club meets every Monday at lunchtime as is open to all students to come along and play one of the oldest games in the world.