03 Nov Carla can’t wait to return to China

In early September Carla Lindley travelled with? the New Zealand delegation? of Prominent Persons and Leaders to Guiyang? & Shanghai.? The first part of the tour in Guiyang was the Friendship Forum where delegations from all over the globe connected over one common interest: China.


Carla and another girl also chosen? were the youngest delegates at the forum by about 15 years. Carla says that, “We were made to feel a part of the group and respected just like any other member. While there we got to experience traditional tea leaf picking, and the various ways to eat it, fried and as a? soup, we? visited milestone sites in Chinese history, and experienced their culture and foods. I ate jellyfish, frogs, and snails among lots of other foreign fruit and veges”.

The second part commenced in Shanghai which was humid and largely populated. The population of Shanghai equates to that in the whole of New Zealand. ? Carla says that, “The trip really enabled me to understand how another country functioned and? the importance of sister city relationships. We bartered just about everywhere and made some fabulous friendships, I miss the country and can’t wait to return!”

The Nelson City Council sponsored her trip and you can read more about it on the Nelson City Council website? and on the Nelson Mail site.

The NZ China Friendship Society? organised this event. Further details about the entire trip can be found on their site.