10 Aug Bye Bye Birdie: Ready, set, go!

Preparations for Bye Bye Birdie continue to take shape as the opening night of Thursday August 17th draws closer. 

As with any show, the set is crucial.  This year the set for the upcoming musical production of Bye Bye Birdie was created by a combination of  hard-working students and teachers.

Level 3 building and construction students Lukas Lindemann, Jacob Busch and Callum Malthum built three sets of stairs for the show. They used recycled screws and MDF that the school already had to finish all three sets in just a week, including the black paint job.

According to the boys, the job was pretty straightforward. However, as with most projects, there was still one issue to overcome. “The only annoying thing was when we got the measurements they were wrong. So we had to recalculate it all,” Callum said. Teacher Andrew Riordan was pleased with the students’ work, labelling them “reluctant heroes” for their reticence to claim any credit.

The set itself is simple yet effective. It features a classic rock’n’roll figure superimposed on a record, referencing the show’s 1950s setting and musical bent.

Technology teacher Natasha Cardwell made the set according to drama teacher Anton Bentley’s specifications. She had no previous set-building experience but found the process quite straightforward. “I used an old school overhead projector to project the image of the guitarist onto the MDF and then drew it on and cut it out with a jigsaw,” she said.

Maneuvering such large pieces was quite another matter however, and fortunately that’s where long-time Nayland teacher Chris Lukies stepped in. The creation of Bye Bye Birdie’s set is another example of the behind-the-scenes collaboration that is making it possible to bring the show to life.  Come and see the fruits of this collaboration for yourselves next week on Thursday 17th, Friday the 18th or Saturday the 19th of August.

By Sera King – Teacher of Journalism