01 Aug Bio students broach the Brook

The level 2 biology classes were honoured to be amongst the first groups allowed back into the Brook Waimarama Sanctuary after an intensive programme to eradicate all pest species within the 715 hectare predator-proof fenced area.

 The focus of the visit was to gain first hand information for an internal assessment about the continuing impact of human actions, both positive and negative, on the Brook Valley area. 

Students were able to listen to and ask questions of Mr. Hudson Dodd the General Manager, gather information from the visitors centre displays, talk to some of the many volunteers, and experience entering and walking within the sanctuary. 

 The outdoor classroom provided the perfect spot to carry out a five minute bird count within a relatively pristine area of beech forest and was a great way to finish level 2 biology for term 2!

By biology teacher Glenis Paul