30 May Big ideas the philosophy at Wellington conference

Nayland College recently joined the four other local colleges for a combined ‘Big Ideas’ trip to Wellington. The focus of the trip was for senior students to be challenged to think big and explore mind-bending topics.

Day one was spent at a philosophy conference, hosted by Scots College. The international speakers were engaging, relevant and kept 200+ students (and staff) enthralled all day.  It stretched us all to really think outside the square and equipped students with tools to more readily manipulate abstract ideas and make connections across subject areas. 

The rest of the afternoon and evening was spent at Te Papa, playing laser tag, problem solving at Escape Mate, checking out the School of Architecture at Victoria University, shopping and socialising at the International YHA. 

Day Two saw everyone leave the hostel early, in time for our first of three amazing lectures at Victoria University. We were wowed by Dr. Marco Sonzogni, whose expertise is in languages. He took us on a journey to understand what has been discovered about the Voynich Manuscript and the Shroud of Turin.

 This lecture was followed by a dissection of the film The Martian which questioned the validity of the science in the movie – could it all have happened? After a fair bit of entertaining math, the answer was – YeNah! 

We then stretched our legs and had a tour of the university’s facilities and some morning tea. Our final lecture was delivered by Associate Professor School of English, Film, Theatre and Media Studies, Thierry Jutel. The focus of his talk was on the power and importance of documentary film making. It was very thought provoking and got everyone talking. 

Once again, we were off walking the hills of Wellington to visit two Halls of Residence: Te Puni Village and Weir House. We bumped into more than a few alumni from Nayland College who were very keen to find out what we had been up to over our two very busy days at in Wellington. 

Finally, after lunch in the student union it was time to travel by sea or air back to sunny Nelson. Year 13 Lauren Cox had the following reflection on the trip: “It was really inspiring because it showed you things you’ve never thought of before. The people you talk to are all so passionate about their field of study and it really opens up your mind.”

Coming up: Nayland College is excited to be hosting the Junior Stretch & Challenge Day conference for Year 7 – 9 students on August 8th where a range of topics will be explored such as ‘Science: What comes first, Observation or Inspiration?’ to topics as diverse as justice, truth, beauty and mathematics. 

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By gifted and talented coordinator Glenis Paul