09 May Bands brighten school day  

A group of enterprising level two health students set up a bright yellow stall in the quad on Tuesday 9th May.  

They were there to promote World Health Day and its message for this year: that depression is affecting more and more people around the world and that these people should be able to seek and get help.

The group’s members (Tanesha, Maddie, Sara, Keeley and Bree) worked together to come up with their concept. “We just kind of thought of inspirational things… a mood booster,” Maddie said.

They contacted a company to produce bright yellow bands with “You’re Amazing” printed on them. Students and staff were encouraged to show support by buying bands at $2 each.

The stall was a success. Some people bought bands for themselves, while others chose to gift them to their friends.

Proceeds are to be donated to the school’s counselling cottage to support the services on offer there. Nayland College counsellor Linda McDougall was very grateful for the group’s acknowledgement and support.

“Sometimes we are a bit of an invisible service, due to confidentiality, so to have the students focus on our service feels just so cool,” she said. “And the bands are a positive spin on a serious issue- we really like that. There is always light at the end of the tunnel!”

Health teacher Lara Bruce-Millar was impressed with the group’s dedication and commitment. “Once they realised they were contributing to a wider goal, they really took ownership of the project,” she said.

The project was not without its obstacles. Originally scheduled for last month, the stall had to be put on hold after the bands weren’t delivered on time. “It was a lot harder to get the bands that we thought it would be,” Tanesha said. “It’s been a lot of effort.”

By Sera King