05 May ANZAC Day 

Two Nayland College students represented the College exceptionally with their speeches at the Nelson ANZAC day commemorations during the recent school holidays. 

We have received amazing feedback from local community members who heard both Indigo and Fynn speak at the ANZAC commemoration ceremonies on 25 April 2017.

One of the soliders on parade wrote:

I thought Indigo’s speech was remarkable and something I have continued to reflect on this week; her grip of the way we should approach ANZAC Day as a country fit in with the way soldiers feel on this day. We serve on ANZAC Day not to glorify war, but to remind ourselves of the sacrifice of a few brave New Zealanders and of the tragedy of wasted human life. The speech was a nice reminder that if we forget these lessons of history, these events are destined to repeat themselves. Her speech also alluded to the fact that evil prevails when good people do nothing, and her respect for the good people who stood up was evident. The values of your school are obvious in the way your students held themselves, and are in keeping with the military’s 4 core values of Courage, Commitment, Comradeship and Integrity.    

A former staff member commented that Fynn and Indigo spoke eloquently and commended them on the way they represented the school and their community.

They were sincere, inspirational and respectful of the history that had allowed them to stand upright and free.

The content of their speeches is shared here (PDF attachments) to our Nayland College community.  

By Nayland College


Indigo Levett ANZAC Speech 2017   PDF, 247.5 KB
Fynn Sawyer ANZAC Speech 2017   PDF, 297.3 KB