01 Jun Alumnus joins administration staff

A new face who hasn’t yet been introduced to our school community can be found in the Business Centre. Lisa Tunnicliffe joined us in February as an accounts administrator.

While it’s a new job for Lisa, Nayland isn’t an entirely new environment for the energetic mother of three. She used to attend the college as a student and, on returning this year, recognised some long-serving staffs’ faces.

PE teacher Dennis Kale used to be her rugby coach and deputy principal Trevor Olley was also on staff when she was a student here. Lisa’s noticing that some old habits die hard. “Everyone else calls him [Mr Olley] by his first name but I don’t feel comfortable doing that,” she laughed.

Lisa’s role at Nayland is a busy one because of the size of the organisation. It’s much larger than the real estate company where she previously worked as a PA.

“I wasn’t aware when I first started the quantity of accounts that come through a school, and I guess it was probably the worst time of year to start because everyone’s got their budgets and so it’s just spend, spend, spend. So it’s been very, very busy. But it’s good,” she said.

Lisa and her husband manage to juggle family time with keeping fit. A keen runner who has run a couple of marathons in the past, Lisa regards a 10km run three times a week as a maintenance ‘sanity’ dose.

“My happy place, that’s Barnicoat, so if I can get up there for a run, I’m happy.”

By Nayland College Official