When Nayland College was founded in 1966 it offered options to the community of the wider Stoke area for students to be educated in a forward thinking and creative co-educational environment.  Nayland has continued to be a progressive high school and has helped many students to become well-rounded and successful adults.

Many people will have influenced your life – either teachers or your peers. We hope that you will take this opportunity to keep in touch with us, to meet up with other alumni again and to see the changes in education today.

Celebrations were held in March 2016 to mark a unique fifty years of excellent service to the needs of students in Nelson, led by outstanding principals and teachers.


Rose Shepard, Jolene Cotton, Gaye Bloomfield, Janice Bromell, Trevor Olley, Judy Glue and Marilyn Gibbs

 Nayland College 50th Jubilee Committee


Disclaimer: This website contains photos and student anecdotes from the Nayland College archives, which are included to provide enjoyment to ex students and staff of Nayland College. Should there be an issue with any content please send an email to:


To celebrate Nayland’s 50th jubilee, the school commissioned Karen Stade to write DARING TO BE DIFFERENT – 180 pages of photos and stories from throughout the school’s 50 year history.

Nayland College has always stood above the crowd, proud of its reputation as being a bit different from other schools. Right from its opening day in 1966 it strived to establish its own traditions, follow its own path and develop its own flavour.

This stunning soft-cover book captures the growth and development of the school by featuring both the daily routines and the stellar achievements of students and staff. The book uses an easy-to-follow decade by decade layout, includes timelines of key milestones and is generously spiced with a range of photos.daringtobedifferent.jpg-copy

Copies of the book are available for purchase from the College Reception for $45.00 a copy.

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