13 Apr SOAR assemblies celebrate success

The end of term 1 presented the opportunity to celebrate all those students who demonstrated the SOAR school value of personal success.

This has been the focus value for the term and students have been encouraged to pay special attention to attending all lessons, being punctual, prepared and focused. Teachers acknowledged students demonstrating these values with a ‘hua’ or reward ticket.

A combined total of over 1700 ‘hua’ tickets were given out. In the junior school the winners for the most tickets were Zivana Freeman (1st), and Renz Alvez, Komal Narayan, Vaoesea Sasa, and Chantelle Wall (2nd equal). Senior school winners were Kyle Alvez, Allen Yeh, and Anzy Nakagawa (1st) and Rahul Singh (2nd).

End of term SOAR assemblies also offered a chance to all students who received a ‘hua’ ticket to get lucky on the day in a prize draw. Two laptops were won by Blade Hewlett and Nanae Kosaka. Other prizes included $50 Rebel Sports vouchers, Nayland caps and ties, chocolate, and the much-coveted chance to cream-pie a student leader. The lucky recipients of that honour for this term were Ayla Watkins and  Lydia Perez who cream-pied Andre Castaing and Vika Piukala respectively.

By Sera King